A show that wants to know: is it possible to love forever?

Director: Barbara Lehtna
Dramaturgy: Katrīna Dūka
Movement director: Hanna Junti
Performers: Johan Elm, Minna-Triin Kohv, Kaido Torn
Technical support: Marko Odar

"The cmpany consists of people born in the ’90s, whose childhood took place in a whole other kind of time, that was embodied by Meg Ryans, who always died in the end of every romantical comedy and by Nicholas Cage’s who stole cars for love and where it was more than clear that the poor character would definitely get rich and find their true love by episode 232. We feel that our adult lives differ from that time significantly and that’s why we would like to ask how has love and loving and being loved changed now when relationships have turned into moments on Tinder and where there are often more kilometers between lovers than kisses."