A performance piece on communication, connections, disruptions. Movement and installation art in conversation with microbiology.

This was a collaboration with artist and curator Alexandra Sazonova, the result of a 9-month research residency at STL, Estonia.

The research started with investigating cognitive dissonance and cultural identities in flux, then it travelled through linguistics, anthropology, lingered on an obsession with the mouth and ended on microbiology and communication systems. Zooming in on a topic to cellular level.

"What does it mean to communicate today when you're in between cultures, places and practices (a little alien, a bby other)? We came to the conclusion that communication happens everywhere just as it does within the body; take for example the gut, it has lots of different flora and bacteria and no monocultures, in short different alien bodies communicate (cooperate, fight, negotiate, connect, disconnect) together to create a functioning ecosystem (and so do we)."