I am a theatre maker, specialising in movement based work. My practice has been shaped by the dualistic experience of living between two cultural contexts - London and Estonia - and a state of floating between the disciplines of theatre and dance. After years of trying, I gave up on the idea of fully belonging in only one context and, instead, decided to focus on points of intersection and building bridges between all the different worlds I come into contact with. From theatre to dance, music, animation, fashion, film and visual art.

My artistic practice unfolds through performing, directing and movement directing, always thriving in projects that are experimental, collaborative and interdisciplinary. My approaches are informed by my training in acting, devising, live art and music as well as in various physical practices, ranging from figure skating to dance to somatics to martial arts. 

I am inspired by dialogues and tensions between: body/voice, text/movement, stillness/speed, material/immaterial, the rational/irrational, the rehearsed/improvised; bodies that are sensitive and explosively responsive, strong and fragile, poetic, banal, primal and contemporary.

I am currently based in Estonia.

MFA Movement: Directing and Teaching, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London.
BA Drama and Theatre Arts, Goldsmiths, University of London.

Professional development workshops I have attended include: Jasmin Vardimon Company, Iona Kewney, Jos Baker, Chekhov technique for dancers, Gaga, Laban Conservatoire summer school, Heini Nukari: "Body is Voice" and many more. 

Areas of work include:

Movement direction for theatre
Working alongside the director, ensuring that the story told by the bodies on stage is coherent, consistent and powerful. The working process is unique for every individual production but can entail aspects such as choreographing movement, workshopping physical themes of a play text to bring an understanding of the physical world of the play into the actors' bodies, leading company warm up sessions, movement dramaturgy.

Lecturing in actor movement
Teaching movement in drama schools, at both BA and MA level. This practice can be divided into two main strands: Fundamentals and Expression.
Movement fundamentals classes are designed to develop an actor's awareness and control of their body. The fundamentals classes work on moving with healthy alignment and activation, developing whole body responsiveness, sensitivity and movement economy. Improving the actor's awareness of gravity, organisational systems within the body and dynamics between self and partners.
Movement expression classes are designed to develop the actor's physical expressive range. Using movement to shape character, develop an ensemble and create original work through devising. These are inspired by a variety of acting and dance training systems including (but not exclusively) Laban, Lecoq and Chekhov.

Teaching experience includes MA Acting for Screen (mentored by Anna Healey), BA Drama and Applied Theatre in Education (mentored by Ayse Tashkiran) and BA Puppetry at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama; BA Acting at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre; BA Acting at Viljandi Culture Academy; Tallinn 32. Highschool.

Hanna is interested in theatre that makes use of the potentials of the body and dance that is not afraid of text; collaborative and devising processes; stand-up.

Movement coaching
For specific skills or production requirements.
Private classes for non-performers who wish to explore movement in a creative and expressive way.

Credits include mentoring on the physicality of public speaking for Samsung Digi Pass.

Movement direction and advising for
(Fashion) photography
Film, TV and commercial
Performance art
Musical performance (vocal and instrumental)

Feedback from collaborators

"What I admired in Hanna’s work was the way she involved the actors in making them generate and letting them find the movement themselves, rather than forcing them into a way of moving which looks fake and imposed."
- director Emily Louizou

"I found this process to be one of the most helpful and thorough developments of movement material I had ever experienced as an actor. Having worked in both individual and large casts in a professional and amateur capacity, I found the attention to detail and the understanding and consideration of the different elements of the text and world we created, and the different dynamics between the cast both as actors and characters, lead to a development of material that had depth, complexity and meaning."
- actor from Hamletmachine.

"The movement was not prescribed to us, there was room for us to explore and expand on original prompts and suggestions and a respect of us as creators and collaborators."
- actor from Hamletmachine.

"I was deeply impressed by Hanna's good understanding of fashion photography and modelling, as she avoided excessive theatricality and added a contemporary, high fashion twist to Baroque body movement. Hanna’s directions and attentiveness were a fantastic contribution to the project. I also highly value her contribution to the team, as she created an open dialogue, actively interacting and exchanging ideas with the rest of the creative team. While in thrall to my vision and responsible for a single element, her precision, professionalism, problem-solving and techniques inspired all."
- creative director Taavi Tiidt